Massachusetts Deaths, 1844: Vol. 8, Barnstable to Hampshire; Volume 9,Middlesex to Worcester

CASWELL, Crisa Abby County: Berkshire Town: Becket Volume: 8 Page: 15 Death Date: 14 May 1843 Title: Age: 23y -m -d Condition: Female/Married Place of Death: Becket -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASWELL, George A. County: Middlesex Town: Lowell Volume: 9 Page: 33 Death Date: 14 Sept 1843 Title: Age: 2y -m -d Condition: Male/Child Cause: Dysentery Place of Death: Lowell -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CASWELL, Ruth County: Worcester Town: Southbridge Volume: 9 Page: 154 Death Date: 30 June 1843 Title: Age: 40y -m -d Condition: Female/ Cause: Dropsy in the Chest Place of Death: Southbridge